Family-owned in Napa Valley since 1906, our winery represents four generations of history. As a winery with deep roots in Napa, we are a farm-to-bottle winery. We grow all of our grapes to make limited truly exclusive Napa Valley wine. We farm 80 acres of vineyards and craft small-lot wines from our grapes. Our specialties are Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon but we make a diverse range of wines, from refreshing and bright white wine to big, bold red wines. We strive to make the best quality wine every year for our customers who love approachable and delicious wine.

Band of Vintners

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.” - Anonymous. Yet drinking Montrachet every day is just not real life for most of us. This notion inspired us—a group of Napa Valley friends with more than four decades of diversified winemaking knowledge. We created a label based on the simple fact that high-quality wines can be delicious and affordable. To make this possible, we pooled our resources, talents and invaluable relationships to access some of Napa Valley’s best, sustainably-farmed fruit and all the winemaking necessities to get their wine into bottle. The result is Consortium, a symphony of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at a price that is music to everyone’s ear.


Crafted from our sustainable vineyards in the Lodi and Clarksburg Appellations, Caricature wines are bold and expressive wines that show off the distinctive characteristics of each varietal. Estate-grown on LangeTwins’ certified sustainable vineyards in Lodi and Clarksburg, CA. Caricature wines are hand-crafted by winemaker, Karen Birmingham; a Lodi-area native and veteran winemaker. As an artistic caricature is an exaggeration of the subjects figures; Caricature wines are accentuated expressions of their varietals.

Clos du Val

Clos Du Val, French for “small vineyard estate of a small valley,” was founded in 1972 in the renowned Stags Leap District. The winery was first recognized for its Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at the famed Judgment of Paris in 1976, establishing its place as one of Napa Valley’s most iconic winery estates. Still family-owned today, Clos Du Val farms 350 acres of estate vineyards in Napa Valley’s Stags Leap District, Carneros and Yountville sub-appellations. The winery also continues to craft wines of balance and complexity, showcasing the fruit from the outstanding terroir on which the estate lies.


UEighteen years ago on the top of Spring Mountain, Henry and Vanessa Cornell purchased a plot of rugged, untamed ground on a former stagecoach route where vines had been tended by early settlers. With respect for the land foremost in their minds, they returned the rolling hillsides to vineyards. Two hundred wild acres with sweeping views contain twenty acres of obsessively farmed vineyard blocks, each with its own distinctive imprint. Under the guidance of winemakers Francoise Peschon and Elizabeth Tangney, Cornell Vineyards strives to make a Cabernet Sauvignon that is faithful to the diversity of this impressive land.


Our winemaking starts in the vineyard. We view the winery as a tool for capturing in the bottle what the vineyard provides for us. Using traditional Bordeaux winemaking techniques adapted to the site, there is a balance of both French and California winemaking culture. The winemaking for the Grand Cru’s of Bordeaux has been established by many generations of winemakers. Julien Fayard carries that philosophy, experience and tradition with him into the cellar to capture the best of what the fruit has to offer. The more intimately we stay connected to the vineyard, the less we manipulate the wine.

Elder Rock

Millions of years ago, alluvial fans and flood plains containing rock and shale fragments were deposited along the Central Coast region of California. These ancient marine layers are evidenced today by the rocky terrain and soils that we call elder rock. At Elder Rock, we strive to craft wines that display the unique terroir and prehistoric roots of the land, wines that express a strong sense of place.

Eden Rift

Under Vine Since 1849 – Eden Rift is the oldest continuously producing estate vineyard in California. Located just 20 miles from the Monterey Bay, the 120-acre estate rests on the San Andreas Faultline and is part of the Cienega Valley AVA.


Use this Susan and Duane Hoff were college sweethearts. While attending the University of Minnesota, Susan worked at a stereo shop called Sound of Music. By the time the couple married several years later, the company had grown to 12 stores — and by the time their first child was born, 50. No longer called Sound of Music, the store was now known as Best Buy. Both Susan and Duane continued to establish successful careers in Minneapolis, helping grow Best Buy into the Fortune 100 company it is today. Eventually they were both ready to trade fast-paced corporate lifestyles for a new way of life — one where they could start a business as a family. In 2004, Susan and Duane purchased a 53-acre parcel with a 10-acre vineyard and named it Fantesca Estate & Winery.


We believe in taking the mystery out of wine delivery. Fearless Wines offers a vineyard to table wine experience by cutting out importers, distributors, and retailers. This customer-centric process has helped us start a revolution by turning the focus to always-honest pricing, a dedication to the most high-quality winemaking practices, and excellent customer service. We decided to label the fruits of our labor with the same work it took to get us here. Our mission is to create wines for the Fearless: Entrusted to those who are passionate for their dreams and fierce in their tenacity for life.

Greg Norman Estates

Greg Norman, known as much for his entrepreneurial spirit in the boardroom as his dominance on the golf course, is arguably the most successful athlete-turned-businessman. His unyielding approach to both golf and life earned him the nickname, The Great White Shark. Created from a family passion and strengthened by determination, Greg Norman Estates, founded in 1996, is a collection of fine wines sourced from stunning wine regions in California, New Zealand, and Greg’s homeland of Australia. The selected growing regions are appreciated for the incredible wines they produce and the personal influence they have had on the Norman family over Greg’s many years professionally touring the world. A strong believer in the role of wine as part of an active, easygoing lifestyle, Greg’s aim is to produce approachable yet bold wines to be enjoyed by family, fans and wine enthusiasts alike.

Hive and Honey

When it comes to passion, our team has it in spades. We love our vineyards. We love making wine. We love sharing that wine with all of you. There is no greater feeling than creating something with your own hands that you’re proud of and can share with others. And it is all the reward we need. Our superbly talented team of winemakers is dedicated to crafting beautiful and delicious wines. This may seem like we’re bragging, but that’s because if we didn’t, they would give all the credit to the grapes and vineyard. Each wine tells the story of a vintage – of the sun and the soil and the rainfall and the wind. Our winemakers are simply the storytellers.


Use this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.They moved in 1994 with the desire to raise their family in the country. They fell in love with the property, which at the time was the site of a decrepit, barely-producing apple orchard. Wanting to make better use of the land, they explored the idea of planting grapes. When they established our vineyard in 1996, they were one of the first to plant grapes in the Sebastopol Hills in western Sonoma County.


Keever Vineyards is a small family owned and operated winery in Yountville, in the Napa Valley. And when we say family owned and operated, we mean it. On any given day there are between two and four Keevers on site. During fruit processing we get aunts and uncles in too. Despite recently turning 70, Dad – Bill Keever – drags barrels out of the cave, works with our vineyard manager, and drives the forklift. When he is not getting his hands dirty, he is also our Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. Mom – Olga Keever – runs the office, works with distributors, and ensures all our compliance obligations are met. Daughter Ashley is Hospitality Manager and Accounts Payable. Son Jason specializes in production. On July 14th of 2006, Keever Vineyards celebrated the completion of the winery with an open-house party for family and friends. Since then, visitors have been coming to the winery to sample the incredible wines and to experience a private tour of the winery and cave and the beautiful site.

Le Pich

Purlieu’s sister label, Le Pich, gets its name from a Wappo Indian term meaning “golden eagle.” They are hunting birds, and you can often spot them above our vineyards as they soar, glide, circle and arc. They are beautiful birds — stately and impressive, but not haughty or boasting, with a nimbleness that’s inspiring. We hope that our Le Pich wines live up to the character of their namesake.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a celebrated, limited-production wine brand from Napa Valley that has been turning heads in the wine community amongst enthusiasts and critics alike. The project was founded in 2010 by three childhood friends, Hayes Drumwright, Adriel Lares and Adam Craun, who have committed themselves to crafting sophisticated wines of tremendous balance, honesty and profundity. The name, Memento Mori, taken from an old Latin philosophy that reminds us of our mortality and the inevitability of death, was instead interpreted, early on, by our founders as Remember to Live - a reminder that we have to make the most out of life and since nothing is guaranteed, we should all live every day to the fullest.


Purlieu means “the edge of the forest” or “an outlying area.” Directly, it is a reference to our home base in the new Coombsville AVA, at the edge of the forest and the entire Napa Valley. Symbolically, “purlieu” refers to our approach to winemaking, to exploring the outskirts and navigating the boundaries of what one may expect of a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. For us, the key to successfully walking that edge lies in maintaining balance: between innovation and tradition, confidence and restraint, depth and refreshment.

Roberts and Rogers

Barry Gnekow is an award-winning winemaker. Barry’s credentials are impeccable and his successes many, including Double Gold, Best of Class and Gold ratings. Barry obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and his Master’s Degree in Enology from University of California at Davis. Counted among his successes is the overhauling of the winemaking program at J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines; working with Hahn Estates to improve their wines and create an award-winning second label; and creating the first wines for Calistoga Cellars. Barry Gnekow has been winemaker for Roberts + Rogers from the beginning, bringing his decades of wine making knowledge and experience to the organization. Barry’s education, background and talent - along with the high quality of the Roberts + Rogers  vineyard sources - have combined to produce superior Cabernet Sauvignon from its first release (2004) to today. Gnekow is renown for his forward, fruit-rich style that will both be delicious upon release and continue to age  and develop.


Recoltant is a new project from Julien Fayard, whose winemaking resume spans both his native France and California. He starting making wine as a kid on his uncle’s estate in Provence making rosé. He leap frogged to the “big leagues,” getting on board with the winemaking teams at both Château Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Laffite before relocating to Napa Valley.  He dove right into the Napa scene by becoming Phillipe Melka’s right hand man as Director of Winemaking before signing on with the highly esteemed Purlieu winery and sister label Le Pich. There have been several ambitious projects in between but his inaugural release of the 2018 Recoltant Cabernet showcases top-tier fruit at an affordable price.

Sand Point Winery

Sand Point is a special place in Acampo, California where members of the LangeTwins family enjoy spending time and appreciating the beauty of nature. It is a river basin boasting native plants and animals, in the midst of their vineyards. The family restored the landscape back to its natural habitat and upheld it to ensure future generations can have their own joyful times alongside nature. Their devotion to Sand Point is the same dedication they have for winegrape growing. This is expressed in Sand Point Wines. A Tradition of Sustainable Winegrowing.

Sunny with Chance of Flowers

Sunny is sustainably grown and produced from our family’s estate vineyards in Monterey County, California. Sunny is mindfully made in a way that’s good for the world we share. Our estate winery in Monterey County, California, is 100% powered by wind.

Witness Mark

As the pendulum of an antique clock swings in perfect balance, a complex network of gears and levers churn in tandem, leaving behind witness marks, or small grooves inside the clock. For veteran clock smiths tasked with the challenge of repairing such intricate clocks, they must rely on these witness marks to guide their process of restoring the pendulum back into balance. At Witness Mark Wines, our winemaker relies on the same tenets of experience, ingenuity and artistry to craft our wines. A color, an aroma, a lingering flavor profile. These details are the witness marks that guide our winemaker’s creative process. The result is a portfolio of beautiful, perfectly balanced wines from California’s Central Coast.


The quality of wine is based on the quality of all its inputs – good vineyards, smart farming, pure and focused winemaking – ultimately attention and TLC at every step. We make this wine from the vineyards to the bottle, working closely with grape growers from awesome little vineyard sites in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and the Sierra Foothills. We’ve sought out interesting sites with great dirt, farm them with care and thought, and use traditional winemaking to craft honest wine and make an artisanal red wine blend to match any occasion, any food, any time. Vermillion is a terroir-driven, delicious, hand-crafted wine to be enjoyed any night of the week.

Very Dark Red

Our vines are rooted at the southern edge of California’s renowned Monterey County winegrowing region in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains – a unique pocket of the Central Coast ideally suited to growing bold and expressive fruit. Our commitment to environmental stewardship of the land and the community is paramount in every decision we make. From the vineyard to the winery and beyond, we are continually adopting new and improved practices that favor a sustainable future for generations to come.

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