Madre Mezcal

Distilled with both the newcomer and the seasoned consumer in mind, Madre Mezcal is a ‘gateway spirit’ that offers beautifully well-balanced flavor with a smooth finish. With less smoke than most mezcals, Madre appeals to a new cohort of mezcal drinkers, opening palates to new characteristics with its signature expressions including a blend of Espadin and Cuishe agaves, as well as a single varietal Espadin. Using unwritten family processes passed down through generations, Madre works with three families on the ground in Oaxaca – Familia Blas, Familia Morales, and Familia Vasquez – each of whom craft different expressions of Espadin and/or Cuishe agaves, that are careully blended to create both of Madre’s offerings - Madre Ensemble and Madre Espadin.

Oscar Quevedo

Owners Oscar Quevedo and Beatriz Morais Quevedo both come from families with a long and rich history of growing grapes and making Port wine in the Douro Valley of Portugal.  During the 80′s, they increased the production area and at the beginning of the 90′s they built the winery that is currently the headquarters of Quevedo. They have two kids, Cláudia and Oscar both working in the family business – Oscar Jr. works on the Sales and Marketing side Claudia was the winemaker from 1999-2013 until Teresa Baptista took the reigns.  While the winery started and is most known for their port, in 2010 they came out with a line called “Oscar’s Douro” wine that are everyday drinkers at affordable price points that remain honest and true to their Estate.

Red Locks

Red Locks celebrates creativity and risk. Red Locks Irish Whiskey launches with its Founder’s Edition, a limited release available only in Minnesota. It has been curated by experts on either side of the Atlantic to represent the best that Irish whiskey has to offer. This one-off blend by acclaimed Master Blender Noel Sweeney marries his signature velvety soft touch with the bold character favored by Kieran Folliard, entrepreneurial legend renowned for sharing the hospitality of his homeland with Minnesota. Red Locks has been triple-distilled and aged in Ireland for a between 4-6 years. Time spent in virgin oak barrels adds a delicate bite to this velvety soft Irish whiskey. Red Locks was founded on the belief that creativity is the lifeforce of ever individual and community. Fair Warning: A drop of Red Locks might awaken the creative roots in your mind, that idea that’s been buried, quieter lately. Consider the ripple effect of this drop on our shared world. Can we afford to let you keep your idea buried?


No barn nor glass should be raised alone. Our founder went from a year in a combat zone to sitting alone on a tractor. He didn’t miss getting shot at, he did miss the camaraderie. We founded fellowship in RockFilter and we hope it grows with every bottle. We had the farm. Farming is more than working the land. It’s a business. Turning acres into whiskey adds a lot of value, fun included. We had the mill. In the 1870s, wagons of horses pulled four one-thousand-pound French quartz stones across the Driftless region to Schech’s Mill. They are in use today, still powered by the rushing waters of Beaver Creek. We had the water. Some say water makes the whiskey. Our natural Karst limestone aquifer has the same geology found in Kentucky, bourbon’s birthplace. We had the will. We’ve weathered farming, night aircraft carrier landings, corporate America and Minnesota winters. So making whiskey isn’t just a reward - it’s a pleasure.

Saint Luna

David Suk was searching for his next entrepreneurial venture and got the idea of creating a modern, premium take on moonshine at a Holiday family get-together. It was a year or two later that Suk met Scott Smith, a chemist and moonshine maker. They drove to Smith’s friend’s farm in rural Georgia where they had a still. “What we first pull off the still is about 180 proof and it is smooth, layered with exceptional flavor and I instantly thought, wow this is it. looked at Scott and said, hey, do you want to build a modern moonshine brand?” Thus they partnered up to create Saint Luna, an elegant, sophisticated, yet approachable moonshine utilizing Smith’s recipe — one that he had been perfecting for 15 years. Together they teamed up with Southern Star Distilling Co. in Statesville, NC to start producing the spirit. Two years later they launched Saint Luna Charcoal Filtered Moonshine, which started bringing in awards rapidly.


Glenora Distillery is located in Nova Scotia, a province whose name literally translates to ‘New Scotland.’ Being a part of Nova Scotia’s heritage means that Cape Breton Island is one of very few places on Earth where Gaelic culture and language thrive. Our story starts in the early 1800’s, when Scottish immigrants flocked to Cape Breton Island. Its beauty resembled the Highlands and islands of Scotland so much that they decided to settle here and make it their permanent home. Many traditions and secrets travelled across the sea with those pioneers. One of those secrets was the making of a spirited whisky. Since water is arguably a whisky’s most important ingredient, our water comes from MacLellan’s Brook; the purest and cleanest source of water in Cape Breton. MacLellan's tumbles out of the Mabou Highlands, runs through Glenora Distillery's grounds, and can be found in every whisky produced at the distillery.


Above Guadalajara in the highlands of Jalisco, the quaint town of Arandas is home to La Alteña Distillery. Opened in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena, an icon of the tequila industry with a family history in farming agave and distilling that dates back to the early 1800's. Today the traditions and high standards of excellence are continued by his grandson, 3rd Generation Master Distiller, Carlos Camarena.

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