Madre Mezcal

Distilled with both the newcomer and the seasoned consumer in mind, Madre Mezcal is a ‘gateway spirit’ that offers beautifully well-balanced flavor with a smooth finish. With less smoke than most mezcals, Madre appeals to a new cohort of mezcal drinkers, opening palates to new characteristics with its signature expressions including a blend of Espadin and Cuishe agaves, as well as a single varietal Espadin. Using unwritten family processes passed down through generations, Madre works with three families on the ground in Oaxaca – Familia Blas, Familia Morales, and Familia Vasquez – each of whom craft different expressions of Espadin and/or Cuishe agaves, that are careully blended to create both of Madre’s offerings - Madre Ensemble and Madre Espadin.


Above Guadalajara in the highlands of Jalisco, the quaint town of Arandas is home to La Alteña Distillery. Opened in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena, an icon of the tequila industry with a family history in farming agave and distilling that dates back to the early 1800's. Today the traditions and high standards of excellence are continued by his grandson, 3rd Generation Master Distiller, Carlos Camarena.

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