No barn nor glass should be raised alone. Our founder went from a year in a combat zone to sitting alone on a tractor. He didn’t miss getting shot at, he did miss the camaraderie. We founded fellowship in RockFilter and we hope it grows with every bottle. We had the farm. Farming is more than working the land. It’s a business. Turning acres into whiskey adds a lot of value, fun included. We had the mill. In the 1870s, wagons of horses pulled four one-thousand-pound French quartz stones across the Driftless region to Schech’s Mill. They are in use today, still powered by the rushing waters of Beaver Creek. We had the water. Some say water makes the whiskey. Our natural Karst limestone aquifer has the same geology found in Kentucky, bourbon’s birthplace. We had the will. We’ve weathered farming, night aircraft carrier landings, corporate America and Minnesota winters. So making whiskey isn’t just a reward - it’s a pleasure.

Far North


It’s a story of two people – Michael Swanson and Cheri Reese – who returned home to find the authenticity of a simple life and fulfill a deep desire to make tangible, artisanal products of unquestionable quality and value.


The Red River Valley Swanson farm has been continuously farmed by Swansons since 1917. It is a thousand acres of jet-black, abundantly rich soil that produces exceptional rye and heirloom corn. Built in 2013, the distillery sits on what was once a wheat field.


The northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, Far North Spirits makes premium, heritage spirits inspired by Minnesota’s character and agricultural abundance. Located just 25 miles from the Canadian border, we are one of only a handful of estate distilleries nation-wide to also grow our own grains.

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